Welcome to the Heidelberg High School Class of 1961 Golden Anniversary website!

This website was designed to support the Golden Anniversary celebration of the Heidelberg (Mississippi) High School class of 1961. We have pages with autobiographical information of all classmates that we have received. There was a reunion in August of 2011, and there are pictures of that celebration.

We will be happy to update any information on bios that we receive or add ones that are not there now.

Included here is information about the members of the Class of 1961 as well as people who were ever in class with us in Heidelberg, Mississippi. There are pictures of the reunion in August, the pages of The Oiler, 1961 (annual) and a gallery of pictures from those years. Some of us were together for twelve years, where we began in first grade on one side of the building and moved to other side as we entered junior high then high school. If you had brothers and/or sisters in different classes, they were always somewhere near by to either tease you or defend you.

There was a great big auditorium in the middle of the building separating the elementary and high school divisions, and many school happenings were attended by all. Held here were chapel programs, graduations, plays, and concerts. Outside on school days the parking lot was full of yellow school buses, most of us rode a bus to school.

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— Judy Allen Wilson


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