Class of ’61

This area is an opportunity for the people who have ever been classmates of the Class of 1961 to let everyone know what has been happening with them for the last half century! You can make this bio as long or as short as you like, with links to your Facebook page, a website, or whatever you like.

Many peope are using Facebook to make connections, as I am! But this is a centrally located site for a specific purpose. You can certainly put links to your images and pages on Facebook if you like.

You can include as many photos as you like, of you, your spouse(s), your kids, your grandkids! We will have the Senior picture (or other) and a current picture of your choosing at the top with your name. The first name will be the name as we knew you, along with the current name you are known by.

We plan to keep these bios online in the years to come, so we’ll be happy to update and add as you request and send info and pictures. It’s very easy for me to add information. My husband, Jan, is a true geek, he programs the code for our websites, including this one, so I am in complete control of it!

You can send any info, pictures, or suggestions to me at .

We will get the bios up as quickly as we can after we get them. Most have the town of their present location.


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