Freddie Hosey

As a child Freddie suffered frome a rare systemic disorder called cloreia which affects the growth and development of young children causing a life expectancy of 12-14 years.

At about 18 the disease went into remisssion, and Freddie decided to go ahead and live.

After high school Freddie attended JCJC and graduated in 1964. He worked for the Mississippi State Forrestry Commission for 17 years achieving the rank of crew chief.

The disease became active again and caused his resignation in 1988. He worked in security for four years, then as campus police at JCJC for one year, then he had to stop all work in 1992.

Freddie was married form 1970-1984, they had no children.

Freddie still lives in the Moss Community where he grew up. The grown up versions of his childhood ailment is Inflamatory arthritis/Fibromyalgia, and it limits his activities.

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