Judy (Judith A.) Allen
Judy Wilson

Here is what has been going on with me for the last 50 years, in brief!

After high school I went to three different undergraduate schools, MSCW for my freshman year, Millsaps College my sophomore year, and to what had just become the University of Southern Miss. for my junior and senior years. Then I went to graduate school at the University of Alabama, where I got a Master's Degree in Psychology in 1968.

I moved to New Orleans after graduate school in 1968, where I worked in a center as the psychologist on a team diagnosing children for special education classes. In 1973 I moved back to Mississippi, living at Waukaway and working in Meridian at the Mental Health Center until 1983.

All these years, I was struggling with addiction, food addiction (bulimia) for 19 years beginning when I was 20, and alcoholism, which began in the late 60's. Living in New Orleans was a great opportunity for me to really get into alcoholism! After treatment in 1982 I got into recovery (until today) from my alcoholism and in 1985 got into recovery (until today) from bulimia. The freedom from addiction is still a blessing every day!

And also it seems during those years I was busy proving how I was not such a "good little girl." Need I say more? It was not my true nature. Of course I always wanted to find my "soul mate", but I was so sick with addiction that I would not have wanted anyone who would want someone as sick as I was! I had to get well first.

After getting into recovery, I was ready to find that "soul mate", and did so in 1985, when I met Jan Wilson. We were both recovering food addicts and alcoholics, so we had a spiritual connection immediately, as well as a just plain chemical attraction! We were engaged 6 weeks after we met and married 6 months later. I was 43, every one said, "Whew!" On the car we left the church in someone had written "JUST MARRIED AT LAST!" This year we celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary! It just seems to be getting better!

Jan and I worked in the food addiction field for the first 8 years of our marriage, in Baton Rouge, Biloxi, then in Palm Bay, Florida. Then we moved to Belize in 1994. Why did we move to Belize? That's a story in itself, which I have written and have shared via email with a couple of classmates. I'd be happy to share it, just trying to decide the best way. Maybe I'll make an extra page that you can read if you like.

Belize: We have been in Belize since 1994. We drove down through Mexico in an old 1976 Jeep Cherokee pulling an old 1979 Wilderness trailer. We stopped in Corozal Town in northern Belize and have been here ever since! I got a job as the first counselor they ever had at the biggest local high school in town, and Jan became the computer administrator the next year. We were lucky!

You might enjoy this album about our trip to Belize on Facebook, it should be available to everyone, even if you are not on Facebook! Click on the first picture for a pop-up, then just go with the arrow to the next one.

By 2004 we had both left the school system, were working for ourselves, and soon started getting our social security from the US. It's not a lot, but enough that we can pay the rent, utilities, and buy a little food. We are not "retired", and our current business is all related to work done at the computer. We do websites, the major one being http://corozal.com and a few other things, which allow us to buy the extras we need, like computers! My favorite thing is editing pictures and designing webpages, so I am enjoying doing this one! Jan writes the programs that we use. I think he's a Wizard 2nd Class, but he insists it's 3rd class.

We are involved in community activites that we think are worthwhile, usually using our particular skills to help, like putting information on corozal.com. One of the most recent was Earth Hour which the Town Council was sponsoring with the WWF. Oscar, the organizer knew how we'd support it and so we were the recipients of Earth Hour t-shirts!

We are really enjoying this time of our lives, avoiding seriousity if possible. Check out my 68th birthday picture on the left, my going out to eat outfit, followed by a swim! Over all, we eat right, exercise, I go to yoga twice a week, and we are pretty healthy. No major (just minor) health problems, for which we are very grateful. And we laugh a lot! Jan says that's his primary purpose, to make me laugh. He says it's not difficult.

And I now have what I call My Lee (Creole for "little") Belize Family. Nelda-Renae, to whom I am Gramma Judy, is two and a half and is a light in my life. And she loves the water, like her gramma! And as we get older and need more taking care off, Zeni (the mom who is in her early 30s now) is going to build a little house next to them and take care of us! So I am all set for ... "the last of life for which the first is made."

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